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Job Opportunities In Cork Expected To Grow By 8 Per Cent This Year

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

04:16 15 Jan 2024

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Job opportunities in Cork are expected to grow by 8 per cent this year.

This follows a disappointing 2023, when the number of new positions across the county declined by 19%.

According to analysis, 20 counties saw a decline last year, with urban areas most affected.

General Manager with FRS Recruitment, Lynn McCormack says there's a skill shortage in sectors like accounting, engineering, social care and construction:

"There was pressure last year on salaries, but what we're seeing is that will continue into next year when we're at such high employment within the country, that's going to put pressure on salaries. Talent, particularly in areas where there's a skill shortage, they will be looking for those higher salaries and better conditions as well".

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