Israel expects Gaza to run out...


Israel expects Gaza to run out of electricity within hours

RedFM Sport
RedFM Sport

11:43 11 Oct 2023

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Israel expects Gaza to run out of electricity within hours, while the region is still pounded by airstrikes.

Over 1,000 Gazans have died in airstrikes since Hamas fighters killed 1,200 Israelis in an assault at the weekend.

Yesterday, a UN body said there's been "clear evidence" of war crimes being committed on both sides.

Professor Ray Murphy is from the Irish Centre for Human Rights at University of Galway - he says it's a very complex conflict:

"Hamas are an extremist organization. They are not interested in negotiating with any Israeli Government. To say that the situation and the plight of Palestinian is a consequence of Hamas and its poor governance, I don't think is actually fair, I think Hamas and their power has emerged from decades of deprivation and persecution of Palestinians."

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