Icelandic Officials Describing...


Icelandic Officials Describing Country's Latest Volcanic Eruption As "Worst Case Scenario"

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

04:28 15 Jan 2024

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Icelandic officials are describing the country's latest volcanic eruption - threatening the fishing town of Grindavik - as the "worst case scenario".

Despite months of preparations, including mandatory evacuations, lava seems to spewing from inside barriers.

Authorities are now trying to divert it, and cool it - though some homes have already caught fire.

Sky's science correspondent Thomas Moore is in the nearby town of Keflavik:

"This isn't about people's lives. They're all safe. They've been evacuated. It's not really just about their homes either. This is a whole community that has been built up over many generations. Now that is at risk".

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