Houthi Rebels Say They'll Cont...


Houthi Rebels Say They'll Continue Operations In Red Sea To Support Hamas

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

08:30 29 Jan 2024

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Houthi rebels say they'll continue operations in the Red Sea after targeting a British warship on Saturday.

The HMS Diamond used its Sea Viper missile system to shoot down a drone fired by the militant group.

The Houthis support Hamas in their conflict with Israel.

Military analyst Sean Bell says tensions are rising in the area:

"The West is targeting the Houthi equipment: the radars, the missile systems, commander control. But that doesn't get rid of the intent, and it's pretty clean that the Houthi intent is to continue these operations, probably resupplied by Iran. We're not going to see an end to them any time soon, I'm suspect".

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