EU to meet to discuss how to s...


EU to meet to discuss how to stop war in Ukraine

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RedFM Sport

07:12 25 Mar 2022

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The EU will meet in Brussels today to discuss how to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.

It comes after Nato countries agreed last night to send more troops and lethal equipment to nations surrounding the country.

Nato will send jets and equipment to protect against chemical weapons.

Ireland South MEP Sean Kelly expects EU leaders will also consider further sanctions.

"They have announced that they are going to give increased lethal weapons to the Ukrainians, which they need badly to fight the war.

"Also they'll be looking at the sanctions they have imposed, there is a feeling that while the sanctions did work initially and the Rouble dropped by 30%, it has stabalised

"They will look at other measures that need to be activated over the next few weeks."

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