Schools calling for advice on...


Schools calling for advice on ventilation system roll-out

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RedFM News

12:40 13 Dec 2021

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Schools want advice on what ventilation system to roll-out in classrooms.

Its after the Department of Education allocated 60 million euro for schools for minor repairs, which can include IT systems, furniture or improvements to air flow.

HEPA filters have been discussed in the past couple of months as a way to clean air in classrooms.

Michael Gillespie from the Teachers Union of Ireland says schools need help from experts so money isn't wasted:

"Schools need advice from professionals as to what's the best thing for a room. There's no point putting in a HEPA filter for example that will only clean the air in the top half of the classroom. So they need to get advice about capacity and  you know what's the most suitable for that classroom if there is a difficulty in that classroom."


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