HSE concern over lack of secon...


HSE concern over lack of second boosters for healthcare workers

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RedFM Sport

07:56 13 Jan 2023

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The HSE says it's concerned by the number of healthcare workers who've yet to receive their second Covid-19 booster.

According to the latest data, three-quarters of staff across the country's seven hospital groups haven't yet gotten their second dose.

While only 71 thousand of the 1.48 million people aged between 18 and 49 in Ireland have gone for their second booster jab.

Interim CEO Stephen Mulvany says data gathered during the pandemic is being analysed and updated to get a clearer picture.

"The piece we're probably most concerned about is healthcare workers vaccination levels against Covid.

"While we've vaccinated something like 70,000 healthcare workers based on the Covax data, that's from a population o healthcare workers declared during the Covid crisis, over 290,000, whereas we have more like half of that in the system.

"I've been on individual sites that say their levels are north of 70%, which is very good, so it varies."

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