Further restrictions cannot be...


Further restrictions cannot be ruled out says Taoiseach

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07:03 17 Nov 2021

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The Taoiseach has said he can't rule out further Covid restrictions in the coming weeks.

Last night a new 12 midnight curfew for the hospitality sector was announced along with changes to self isolation rules for households.

Ministers were given a stark warning about the impact of Covid on hospitals and ICU admissions over the coming weeks.

Micheál Martin says the Government will have to keep its options open on further restrictions.

"NPHET have put in a caveat that future measures cannot be ruled out.

"But we will observe and monitor the situation over the coming weeks."

Matt McGranaghan from the Music and Entertainment Association, says people in the industry feel disheartened following the government's announcement.

"Musicians and people in the industry that I've been speaking to their mood is incredibly low, they're very despondent.

"The recent reopening has been a disaster. There's been no planning, no forward thinking, no continued support, no recognition or acknowledgement of the nuanced characteristics of the industry.

"We've effectively had a 'Schrödinger's Reopening', where it's been both reopened and closed at the same time."


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