CMO says Covid pandemic isn't...


CMO says Covid pandemic isn't over

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06:23 2 Feb 2022

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The chief medical officer says the Covid pandemic isn't over - and there'll be an 'ongoing need' for some public health measures.

However Dr Tony Holohan will also tell the Oireachtas health committee today the current situation is 'broadly positive'.

He'll say it's safe to return to normal activities, with cases and hospitalisations falling from the Omicron peak.

Infectious diseases consultant, Eoghan de Barra, agrees some restrictions should continue, such as mask-wearing.

"I think there's a role for those measures. I think they work, they have saved lives.

"What's less clear is how compliant the population as a whole will be, as this currently is moving to a disease of the unvaccinated, and those who are immunocompromised."

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