Children's Ombudsman calls for...


Children's Ombudsman calls for guidelines to be kept under constant review

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12:35 30 Nov 2021

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The Children’s Ombudsman is calling on the Government to keep Covid guidelines for children "proportionate and under constant review".

Parents are expected to be asked to limit their child's social activities to one per week, when cabinet sign off on it later.

It comes as case numbers continue to rise in the 5 to 11 year old age group.

Dr Niall Muldoon says children learn as much through playing and socialising as they do in school.

"They learn so much and it's a crucial part of their development, and if is interfered with their development can be hampered.

"And it has happened, we've seen it over the various lockdowns how children's development and progress has been hampered.

"We need to learn those lessons and ensure that any intervention that we do now is proportionate and appropriate for the needs of the time."

Meanwhile an infectious disease specialist says mask wearing in schools needs to be introduced in a gentle, non-confrontational way.

Sam McConkey says the measure could cause issues among parents.

"I hope there aren't big arguments, because obviously there are people on the other side who would say 'why aren't all the children in my child's class wearing masks?'

"We may find that parents who are strong mask advocates who would demand other people do it, but we're not at that stage yet, we're just saying that it's recommended that children copy the adults."

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