Vodafone shutting down its 3G...


Vodafone shutting down its 3G mobile service

Maire Nolan
Maire Nolan

09:35 10 Jun 2024

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Vodafone has announced it's shutting down its 3G mobile service.

The mobile data provider will end access to the network in parts of Galway, Cork and Dublin from this month.

The change could effect devices including alarms, heating systems, cars and security devices, along with users' mobile data access.

Technology Correspondent Jess Kelly explains why the move is necessary:

"3g was all we had for such a long time. and then 4g came along, and then 5g came along. and bit by bit, all the mobile networks are investing heavily to make sure that we have the best connection available. but in order to do so, they need to just put the older legacy technology to bed.  So bit by bit, around the country, they're going to turn off the 3g network. It's  already happened Limerick. It's now happening in Cork city, and the Dublin and Galway".

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