Taxi drivers in Cork say viole...


Taxi drivers in Cork say violence experienced by drivers at night is putting people off entering the industry

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

05:02 23 Apr 2024

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A representative for taxi drivers in Cork says drivers have been beaten and robbed and have had knives put to their throats while working.

There are 168 less taxis in the county since before the pandemic with 2 thousand 202 taxi licenses last year.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cork taxi driver representative Bobby Lynch says drivers working at night feel forgotten.

"No one cares about taxis. There's violence out there. We report it. There was nothing being done about it. We had a driver a few weeks ago that had his car taken off him and he never again saw that car. He had to go and buy another car and he had to pay for licenses and everything to put that care back on the road".


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