Russia says a possible peace d...


Russia says a possible peace deal with Ukraine is close as Kyiv is under missile strike

RedFM News
RedFM News

11:20 16 Mar 2022

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Russia's foreign minister's claimed parts of a possible peace deal with Ukraine are close to being agreed.

Sergei Lavrov's told a Moscow news outlet that discussions are surrounding what he called 'neutral status' for Ukraine.

On the ground in Ukraine, Russia's military forces are continuing to blast major cities - including the capital region.

A 35 hour curfew's in place in Kyiv.

Olga Tokariuk is an Independent Journalist in Ukraine - she says there have been more missile strikes on Kyiv

"The capital Kyiv has been subjected to Russian missile strikes since early morning for the  third consecutive day and again the apartment block has been hit. A 12 storey building was partially destroyed, and there are reports of one dead - we don't know whether people died on site" 

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