RSA Reminds Drivers They Will...


RSA Reminds Drivers They Will Not Reach Destination Much Quicker By Speeding

RedFM News
RedFM News

07:07 18 Nov 2022

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The Road Safety Authority is reminding drivers that they will not get to their destination that much quicker by speeding.

The average journey on Irish roads is 14 kilometres and studies have shown that driving 10 kilometres per hour over the speed limit in an 80 kilometre zone will only result in a gain of around one minute.

Tomorrow is World Day of Commemoration for Road Traffic Victims.

12 people have lost their lives on Cork roads since the start of the year and the Road Safety Authority are asking people to use this weekend to consider how they can improve their own driving to prevent further fatalities.

Speaking to RedFM News, Brian Farrell from the RSA says driving over the speed limit is not worth the risk:

"I think everyone knows the example of how you might see a car overtaking two or three cars, a crazy suicidal overtaking manoeuvre, speeding to get ahead of the traffic only to find them maybe two or three cars in front of you at the next set of traffic lights. I mean, it really is, you know, a myth that you will make huge or significant time savings by speeding, you know, for the sake of a minute or two minutes. Is it worth putting your life, and other lives at risk? So that's why we say please slow down".

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