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Road safety campaigners in Charleville say the cannot wait until 2030 for the town to be bypassed

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

05:00 28 Nov 2023

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The group say "temporary fixes" such as extra pedestrian crossings, in advance of a proper bypass of the town as part of the planned Cork-Limerick road upgrade, fall short of what is needed

Two elderly people were killed this year within weeks of each other when they were struck by HGV's while crossing the town's Main Street

Evelyn O'Keeffe from Charleville Community Forum told RedFM News that there will be more deaths in Charleville until the number of HGV's in the town are reduced or removed

"Personally I feel that they are afraid that if we get a ring road or a bypass that we might lose the major project which would be the the N/M20 motorway and I think that's the fear.  And unfortunately we are  losing lives every year as this goes on unless we remove the HGV's. We literally cannot wait until 2030, we will lose more lives, we have already lost two this year alone and the  year isn't over yet"

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