Prosecutions may be brought ov...


Prosecutions may be brought over major fish kill in North Cork river.

Maire Nolan
Maire Nolan

11:15 14 Jun 2024

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Prosecutions may be brought over a major fish kill in a river in North Cork.

Earlier this week, a discharge of chemicals from a water treatment plant in Freemount polluted the River Allow.

Around 5000 fish were discovered dead due to the contaminated water.

Speaking to RedFM news, Sean Long from Inland Fisheries Ireland says accountability needs to be taken:

"Very important that there is accountability. When these situations arise. It's very important. The person responsible for causing fish care or damage to the environment. I brought to account. If only to make sure that systems are put in place, prevention measures are put in place to reduce the chances of it happening again".

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