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No HAP properties available in Cork city or suburbs

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07:01 13 Jan 2023

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A new survey shows that just 41 properties were available to rent under the Housing Assistance Payment scheme last month.

According to the Simon Communities of Ireland only one property was available to rent under a standard HAP rate and that was a one-bedroom house in Kildare suitable for singles or a couple.

No propertires were available on the HAP scheme in Cork City and Suburbs.

The HAP scheme is a financial contribution from the State that goes towards paying rent.

Wayne Stanley of Simon Communities Ireland, says 41HAP properties amounts to almost nothing considering the levels of homelessness.

"41 properties are spread across 16 areas, and when we think of 11,500 people experiencing homeless=ness and looking for properties, what 41 properties means is essentially there's zero.

"For people to access the properties in the private rental market now, they're really having to top up or find alternatives."

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