Lecturers at MTU say they'll t...


Lecturers at MTU say they'll take industrial action if pay issues aren't resolved

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

05:00 20 Feb 2024

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Lecturers at MTU are calling on the Department of Further and Higher Education to adhere to a collective agreement made about their pay.

It comes as lecturers at Technological Universities around the country protested this afternoon to highlight pay disparities.

Lecturers say it’s unfair for someone doing the same job in Dublin to receive higher pay even though the issue was discussed in 2017.

Speaking to RedFM News, Mathematics lecturer at MTU and TUI rep Shane O’Rourke says members will take industrial action if the Department doesn’t engage with them:

"Well if nothing comes out of today, we will have activate the directive for industrial action rising from this ballot, because after all 92% of our members have voted in favour, so this is something we do feel strongly about."


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