Leaving Cert students have que...


Leaving Cert students have questioned why schools must keep windows open when most Covid restrictions have lifted

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RedFM News

10:43 27 Jan 2022

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While many pandemic measures were eased last week, schools are still advised to air classrooms before, after, and sometimes during lessons.

Officials say the guidance remains in place so students will have a chance to be vaccinated.

But 18 year old Nathan, a student at Pobalscoil Neasain in Baldoyle, says the cold conditions make it much harder to study:

"You know you socialise outside of school? So why are we the one who have to sit in the freezing cold, trying to sit our leaving for example, and you can't focus or listen or like, you know, focusing on the work because you're freezing and you can't stay warm. So I don't I don't understand why the windows, you know, have to stay open for us. But yeah, I just think it's a bit unfair on us because we're the ones taking the hit no one else."

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