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Increase in passengers booking flights from Cork Airport

RedFM News
RedFM News

11:17 23 Jun 2022

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Passengers are very eager to use Cork Airport as an alternative to Dublin for their travels.

According to the CEO of Cork Chamber, Conor Healy, says the business body is concerned about the dominance of Dublin Airport on Ireland’s aviation industry.

He says the difficulties in Dublin Airport mean passengers have shifted their preferences from Dublin to Cork Airport.

In recent weeks, thousands of passengers travelling through Dublin Airport have experienced long delays and queues with many missing their flights due to staff shortages.

The delays led to calls for routes to be transferred to the regional airports and ease the pressure on Dublin.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cork Chamber's Conor Healy says there needs to be investment in marketing the many advantages of Cork Airport:

"In areas such as marketing, it's been evident in the last number of weeks in the context of the difficulty that Dublin Airport, there has actually already been a shift. Passengers are now booking and looking at Cork Airport as an alternative. There's considerable room for that to increase, to see greater levels of activity out of Cork Airport certainly would grow passenger numbers at Cork Airport, but that needs to be invested in. There needs to be marketing support and there needs to be awareness campaign. I think with the capacity availability and the ease of moving through Cork Airport, I think that's a really attractive proposition."

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