Hundreds Of Cork Farmers Drive...


Hundreds Of Cork Farmers Drive Through City In Solidarity With European Counterparts

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

06:40 2 Feb 2024

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Farmers throughout the country came out in their thousands last night, in solidarity with their European counterparts who are protesting against EU regulations of the industry.

They say they are being subjected to onerous levels of bureaucracy due to EU regulations of the industry.

Munster Regional Chair of the IFA Conor O'Leary said significant numbers came out to protest:

"I reckon we had upwards of 300-350 tractors on the four bridges we did around Cork City. 250 of those tractors came into the city. We've had nothing but cheers from the sidewalks - the amount of camera phones that have been out and everybody cheering us on”.".

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