Criminal barristers protest fo...


Criminal barristers protest for higher pay on Washington St Courthouse steps

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

11:00 9 Jul 2024

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Central and Circuit criminal courts will not be sitting in Cork today.

It’s due to strike action by criminal barristers across the country as they protest for higher pay.

It’s the first of three days of strike action this month as barristers plan to withdraw their services on the 15th and 24th of July.

Speaking to RedFM News as criminal barristers gathered on the Washington Street Courthouse steps this morning, Senior Counsel Tom Creed says they’ve been left with no other option to protest:

"Today the central criminal court in Cork isn't sitting, the circuit court isn't sitting because of this action. We don't want to discomode anyone because we're very mindful because that there are victims of every crime and there are members of the public who give up their time to serve on juries to suppoer the criminal justice system, but we are very frustrated and that's why we're taking this action."


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