Councillor Says City Footpaths...


Councillor Says City Footpaths In 'Rag Order'

RedFM News
RedFM News

11:25 6 Nov 2023

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A Councillor says the footpaths in the city are in 'Rag order'.

Cork City North-East Councillor Oliver Moran was speaking as it was revealed by the Council that it has paid out over 8 million euro in public liability compensation since 2019.

Figures show that over 4.75 million euro was paid out for claims relating to footpaths.

Damages caused by potholes cost the city council 1 million euro, and housing issues came to over 690,000 euro.

Speaking to RedFM News, Oliver Moran says footpath maintenance needs to funded properly to reduce the compensation claims against the local authority:

"Upgrading footpaths in a city centre means taking it from a different era of 1950s footpaths into something more modern. When you walk across the city, something that really strikes me is that there're funding streams for the repair of potholes and for the maintenance of roads. And so you could be walking down the streets and you'd be looking at the carriageway - it could be newly freshly tarmaced, but the footpath you're working on, it's in rag order. We need to have those same funding streams when it comes to the footpaths".

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