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Cork Mother Says It Will Be A Long Week For Families Awaiting CUMH Report

RedFM News
RedFM News

04:22 19 Nov 2022

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A Cork mother has said it will be a long week for families waiting to see if a report - into the incineration of their babies' organs without their consent - will be published as promised.

The report into the incineration of the organs of 18 babies by Cork University Maternity Hospital now is expected to be released by the end of next week.

RedFM News has seen an email sent to families which says they will have received the report by next Friday.

The publication date for the report has been missed several times already in the past year.

The families have also expressed anger that they won't get a draft report beforehand, despite originally being told they would.

Speaking to RedFM News, the mother of one of the babies affected by the scandal in CUMH, Leona Bermingham says it will be an anxious week for the families:

"We're lucky we have the other families to lean on, and that we're all going through the same emotions, just hoping they don't change the deadline again by Friday, because we all know we have been in this position before - too many things. It's just going to be a long build up. This week is going to... we're going to go through the emotions, but hopefully we'll get some sort of closure from it. We're not going to hold off too much on it - and we're just a bit anxious now on what is going to be in the report, and so accurate the report is going to be".

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