City Council Launches ‘Clean A...


City Council Launches ‘Clean Air Night’ Initiative to Reduce Air Pollution 

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

08:55 22 Jan 2024

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Cork City Council is inviting residents to take part in ‘Clean Air Night’ this Wednesday, the 24th January, to reduce air pollution levels in the city. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of burning solid fuels and to encourage residents to adopt alternative heating methods.

The Council says air quality in the city typically deteriorates during the winter due to the increased use of solid fuels such as briquettes, coal, peat, and firewood for home heating. These fuels release contaminants into the air, which can have negative impacts on respiratory health, with the Council stating that air pollution contributes to 1,400 premature deaths in Ireland annually.

Residents are being encouraged to reduce their reliance on solid fuels by burning them less frequently or lighting fires later in the evening. The council says small change can make a significant difference in improving air quality for everyone.

The City Council says ‘Clean Air Night’ provides an opportunity for residents to explore alternative heating methods that are less polluting; options such as electric heating, heat pumps, and solar energy. For more information, visit

It stresses participation in ‘Clean Air Night’ is completely voluntary.  The Council also says it recognises that some residents are experiencing fuel poverty, and are solely reliant on solid fuels for adequate heating. It states people should first prioritise adequately heating their homes.

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