Residents living in a City Cou...


Residents living in a City Council complex say all areas need to be maintained equally

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

05:15 1 Mar 2024

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Tenants on Cherry Tree Road in Togher say mouldy damp walls inside their homes as well as cracked paint on the balconies.

Residents say if works are being carried out by the City Council on Noonan’s Road housing complex nearby, then their complex should be maintained too.

Speaking to RedFM News, Resident Michael Linehan says he’s been waiting for repairs since he moved in 8 years ago

"From Noonan's Road that sparked the City Council to conduct visits of all their flat complex stock, and since then you could see the backyards, is still the same. The front of the flat complex is still the same, and living conditions in the flat itself are still the same"

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