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Traveller Visibility Group: There Have Been Some Improvements At Spring Lane Halting Site But The Pace Of Change Is Not Fast Enough

RedFM News
RedFM News

06:12 6 Feb 2023

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The Traveller Visibility Group says while there have been some improvements at Spring Lane halting site the pace of change is not fast enough.

Two years ago the Ombudsman for Children found conditions for children at an unnamed site, understood to be Spring Lane, were "shocking" and "deplorable".

There are 66 families living at the site and a report published in May 2021 found that there were 140 people using toilet and washing facilities designed for use by 40 people.

Residents at the site persistently have to deal with rodent infestations, inadequate sanitation, extreme overcrowding, and a high rate of childhood illness.

The City Council has spent more than €450,000 on refurbishment and upgrading at the site and is currently trying to purchase houses and identify existing stock suitable for the needs of families who wish to move offsite.

Speaking to RedFM News Breda O'Donoghue of the Traveller Visibility Group says progress is being made on improving the site for the families but it is slow

"There have been some improvements. And again, it's a very complex situation because of the large scale of overcrowding that does go on in Spring Lane. Now progress has been slow in some stages, and has been okay in other stages. There are still families that haven't seen any progress yet. And there are some that have seen some progress. Again, there's a long term plan for the Spring Lane area but, I suppose, we're working closely with the local authorities around the short term pieces, you know, to try and improve accommodation issues right now for families that are living in in Third World conditions".

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