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Blarney Street Residents With Serious Concerns About Road Safety Welcome Confirmation That City Council Will Carry Out Feasibility Study

RedFM News
RedFM News

02:20 10 Feb 2023

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Residents on the longest street in Ireland say they have serious concerns about road safety and have welcomed the confirmation that a feasibility study will be carried out by the City Council.

The Blarney Street and Surrounding Areas Community Association say daily gridlock and speeding on narrow sections of the street are a danger to pedestrians and other road users and have resulted in a number of incidents over the years.

The Residents Association told RedFM News that the Council will carry out a study of traffic flow and parking following their calls for a one-way system to be implemented on the street.

Speaking to RedFM News, Tom Coleman from the association says residents are very angry by the lack of progress over the years:

"We have negotiated this far too long at this stage. Now we're looking for action because we were totally neglected in Blarney Street. We're talking about the North Mal, Sunday's Well, Shanakiel - in that loop in itself. It's an area that people are avoiding. And it's a shame really because when the survey was done in 1990, there was something like 58 businesses here. So, now you could count on on your hand the amount of businesses. So it's like an evacuation element that we have, and we can't leave this go on any longer".

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