KPMG Report: Ireland's Renewab...


KPMG Report: Ireland's Renewable Energy Targets "Virtually Unachievable"

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

11:29 4 Dec 2023

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Ireland's renewable energy targets have become "virtually unachievable", according to a new report.

The KPMG report commissioned by Wind Energy Ireland heard from several industry experts in both the public and private sectors.

95 per cent of those involved in the report don't believe the current renewable electricity target of 80 per cent by the year 2030 can be reached.

CEO of Wind Energy Ireland, Noel Cunniffe says slow planning decisions have significantly hindered progress to date:

"The projects exist. They are in our planning system. They are coming through our planning system, but they're coming through at a rate that's much, much too slow if we're to hit our 2030 targets. So we need to address these by investing in resources in the system, and also by updating our local planning policies to make sure that they're taking account of our now more ambitious national renewable energy targets".

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