Expected Culling Of Over 55,00...


Expected Culling Of Over 55,000 Wild Deer Welcomed

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

11:30 8 Dec 2023

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The expected culling of over 55,000 wild deer next year is being welcomed.

It's after a report by the Irish Deer Management Strategy Group detailed the steps needed - to manage their growing population.

A former Minister for Rural Development says there's great concern in Rural Ireland that deer have gone 'out of control.'

Deputy Michael Ring says deer are causing a lot of dangerous situations:

"There have been many, many accidents because of the growing population. And I'm very pleased to hear that there is going to be a culling and it does need to be done. It needs to be done on three accounts. Number one, because there's such a herd of them now at the moment. It needs to be done for safety. And I'd like it to be done in a compassionate way".

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