Taoiseach says all once-off co...


Taoiseach says all once-off cost of living measures are being kept under review

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01:40 6 Dec 2022

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The Taoiseach insists all measures to address the cost of living crisis in the winter months are kept under review.

It comes as the country faces into the first cold snap of the winter, with temperatures set to plummet from Wednesday.

There are concerns some people may be concerned about turning on their heating over concerns about cost.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin says there are supports available for people struggling with bills:

"We will take the people in consequence of cold weather to make sure to have the heating on. They are senior citizens, and I think there are mechanisms there particulars in person is in an emergency situation or needs emergency assistance can be provided. We have provided significant support so since the budget on the one off payments that we announced, we believe that should enable people to get get through the winter but like everything we have everything under review."

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