Ryanair CEO has called on Aer...


Ryanair CEO has called on Aer Lingus to stand up to 'industrial blackmail'


11:54 17 Jun 2024

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The Ryanair CEO has called on Aer Lingus to stand up to the 'industrial blackmail' as pilots ballot for strike action for a second time.

The second vote has been taking place since Friday, and comes after 98 percent of IALPA members were in favour of action up and including strike in a row over pay.

Aer Lingus wrote to the union last week expressing concerns over the first ballot, which had been conducted electronically.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary believes the Labour Court recommendations of 9-point-2-5 percent were more than fair:

"I think it's indefensible that these guys are blackmailing Aer Lingus and the public over strikes during the summer holidays, when you know they've already been offered nine and a half percent pay increase for the senior pilots. They're on €250,000 a year. They're more than well paid. If it was the cabin crew or it was the baggage handlers, you'd have a bit more sympathy, but these guys; this is just industrial blackmail."

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