Labour Party warns against tax...


Labour Party warns against tax on vacant homes

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10:08 7 Jul 2022

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The Labour Party is warning against the 'waterdown' of any tax on vacant homes.

It follows the announcement yesterday that it will form part of the next Budget.

The measure, which is aimed at maximising the number of properties in use, will allow for exemptions, including homes in probate or between letting's.

Labour housing spokesperson, Senator Rebecca Moynihan, is warning against having too many:

"So they're estimating that there is about 57,000. We've been calling for this a long time, and it's welcome. But to say that, the devil will be in the detail, and I think we need to make sure that there's not so many exemptions that people actually get use out of it. So if something can be brought to standard and used as that home, there should be a tax on it.

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