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Government Considering All Possible Consequences Of Extending Eviction Ban - And Of Not Extending It

RedFM News
RedFM News

11:10 4 Feb 2023

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The government is considering all the possible consequences of extending the eviction ban, and of not extending it.

That's according to the Finance Minister Michael McGrath.

The current ban will remain in place until the first of April and will be fully phased out by June.

Several charities have called for the ban top be extended - because they say the Cost of Living Crisis is putting families under immense financial and mental pressure.

Speaking to RedFM News, on his way into Cork Chamber's annual dinner last night, Minister McGrath says that the government cannot ignore Irish property rights indefinitely:

"We have to consider the implications of the different options. If you extend it, the question is, is the problem only going to get bigger over time? But if you do end it, then what will be the fallout of that for people who have been served with notices that have been paused over recent months? Obviously, we're really concerned about protecting tenants, while at the same time recognising there are property rights in Ireland, and you cannot defer them indefinitely, and we just need to find the right balance in the weeks ahead".

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