Focus Ireland criticises endin...


Focus Ireland criticises ending of eviction ban

RedFM News
RedFM News

06:44 13 Mar 2023

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Focus Ireland says it's "deeply worried" about the Government's decision to end the eviction ban.

The homeless support charity says ending the ban on March 31st will see "unprecedented numbers" of people losing their homes.

Opposition parties are calling for it to be re-instated immediately to prevent thousands of people from becoming homeless.

Mike Allen - Advocacy Director at Focus Ireland - says those issued with an eviction notice soon will struggle to find somewhere to live.

"Many of them will go to local authorities to try and get emergency accommodation.

"At the moment, that emergency accommodation isn't there, and we're deeply worried we're going to see single people but particularly families with children with no emergency accommodation sleeping in cars, sleeping on the side of the road and in Garda stations."

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