Eirgrid predicts 'challenging...


Eirgrid predicts 'challenging outlook' for Ireland's electricity supply

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07:06 6 Oct 2022

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EirGrid has predicted a 'challenging outlook' for Ireland's electricity supply in the next ten years.

The semi state body predicts data centres will occupy almost 30% of our demand by 2031.

EirGrid's Generation Capacity Statement shows electricity deficits could be an issue in the years ahead.

Power plants are deteriorating in availability, according to the semi state body.

Some of them that are in use will also be reaching intended retirement dates.

They're warning that system alerts may become more frequent as our economy grows and the demand for energy rises.

The electrification of the heat and transport sectors has been cited as a factor.

Data centres are expected to occupy 28 per cent of our energy use by 2031.

EirGrid do say the situation will improve with Single Electricity Market capacity auctions in the coming years.

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