WATCH: 'Luca', the latest Disn...


WATCH: 'Luca', the latest Disney Pixar movie gets a trailer

Rebecca Noonan
Rebecca Noonan

01:05 26 Feb 2021

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Disney Pixar has a new film coming out and they've just released the first trailer.

'Luca' is being described as ''a fun and heartwarming story of friendship, stepping out of your comfort zone and two teenage sea monsters who experience a life-changing summer''.

The movie follows Luca Paguro, a 13-year-old sea monster who wants to see what life is like above the sea and he is joined by his friend Alberto Scorfano who loves the human world. Together the friends explore and enjoy a carefree summer.

Pixar has continually made heartwarming and funny animated films to entertain both children and adults alike, this film is just what we need.

Luca is scheduled to be released this summer.

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