UNICEF: Gaza Has Become Gravey...


UNICEF: Gaza Has Become Graveyard For Children And Living Hell For Everyone Else

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RedFM News

03:33 31 Oct 2023

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UNICEF says Gaza has become a graveyard for children and a living hell for everyone else.

It says its gravest fears about the reported number of children killed becoming dozens, then hundreds and ultimately thousands, were realised in just a fortnight.

3,500 children are among the 8,500 Palestinians killed in airstrikes on Gaza by Israel since October 7th.

The WHO says a public health catastrophe in the Palestinian territory is imminent.

Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University, says Israel's expected ground invasion will be catastrophic:

"Hamas is also prepared in terms of making sure that its own capabilities are survivable. So this is a very early stage and you really can't tell where we'll go from here. What we do know though is that the damage and the casualties will mount pretty heavily on the civilian side, as indeed they are at present".

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