Simon Coveney to chair UN Secu...


Simon Coveney to chair UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan

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RedFM Sport

07:23 9 Sep 2021

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Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney will chair a UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan in New York today.

The discussion is expected to plan a UN mission to the country in the coming months, in light of the Taliban takeover.

It comes as Reuters is reporting that 200 Americans and other civilians will be allowed leave Afghanistan by the militant group.

It's believed flights are to depart today.

Sinn Féin leader Mary McDonald says Minister Coveney’s position is untenable.

Junior Minister Colm Brophy believes this is political point scoring.

"What I'm asking people to think about is this - do you want to live in the instant political assassination world of Sinn Fein, where if somebody gives years if not decades of service to their country where because they make a mistake or do they do something wrong, that the only instant solution is to say 'right - before the political firing squad' and off you go?

"Or do you want a more sophisticated type of politics."

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