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Irish MEP Backing European Parliament Bid To End Hidden Baggage Charges For Airline Passengers

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RedFM News

12:32 9 Oct 2023

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An Irish MEP is backing a European Parliament bid to get rid of hidden baggage charges imposed on airline passengers.

The proposed reform is to regulate the cost of a final price ticket so passengers are not hit with hidden bills before they go through departures.

Ireland South MEP Sean Kelly wants to see transparency making it easier for people to compare prices with any hidden costs:

"What we need is transparency and accuracy and detail. And since Covid, things haven't been as bad as they had been before, as far as I can see anyway, because you would have situations where people would be in the queue in front of you, they'd be asked to put their case into a little trolley. If it didn't fit in, if they couldn't pack it in, then they'd have to pay extra. I think all these things need to be resolved".

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