Britney's father could be remo...


Britney's father could be removed from conservatorship today

RedFM News
RedFM News

10:27 29 Sep 2021

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Britney Spears could finally see her father removed from the conservatorship that controls her life and money.

A highly awaited court hearing is taking place in LA later, where a judge could rule for him to step aside.

If that happens, the singer's legal team has suggested Jamie will need to help his successor, which will likely be a specialist firm.

Adam Oliver is from the Free Britney campaign in the UK.

"We will keep fighting until she is completely free.

"Britney has expressed that she wants this conservatorship to end.

"She shouldn't have this hold over her, or someone telling her whether she can buy sushi or she's not allowed to have some Sketchers trainers.

"She's Britney Spears - let her be free."

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