Young people suffering from Co...


Young people suffering from Covid-19 feeling unwell for longer

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RedFM News

12:07 23 Jun 2022

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Young people who contract Covid appear to be feeling unwell for longer, according to one GP.

It comes amid growing case numbers in Ireland and increasing numbers of people with the virus in the country's hospitals.

Figures released by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre last week showed that almost 20% of Covid-19 outbreaks reported nationally in mid June were in Cork and Kerry.

Monaghan GP Dr Illona Duffy says they are seeing more people with Covid coming forward:

"We're seeing a lot of younger people coming back to us a few weeks later who are still remaining really unwell, and this is very different. We haven't seen younger people presenting like this. I'm talking about people in their teens and early 20s saying, I'm really exhausted, I'm still really short of breath, I can't go back to sports, I can't do anything that I did before. So I think this is a kind of a new change. And as we know, we're seeing slight variations in the Omicron version of this."

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