WHO expert says face masks sho...


WHO expert says face masks should return in Ireland

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RedFM Sport

07:06 25 Mar 2022

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A World Health Organisation expert says face-masks and social distancing should return in confined places in Ireland.

Face-coverings have not been mandatory apart from health care settings setting since February 28th - but Covid cases have surged since then.

1,419 patients were in public hospitals with the virus last night, compared to only 596 when the mask mandate was lifted last month.

Dr David Nabarro, the W-H-O's special envoy on Covid, says people should use face-coverings again in places like shops.

"If I were in Ireland right now I would be expecting there to be a request for mask wearing in confined spaces where there may be crowds.

"Public transport is an example, and hospitality venues that are hot and not ventilated - cellars and the like.

"I would be expecting those to be the kind of places where mask wearing and physical distancing become strongly recommended."

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