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Staff at Mercy University Hospital have expressed concern that some patients with Covid have been kept temporarily at the Emergency Department

RedFM News
RedFM News

10:42 20 Jan 2022

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The INMO says these patients have been kept in isolation but this practice adds to the risk and the already heavy workload for staff at the hospital

Conditions at the ED's at the Mercy and Cork University Hospital have been described as "overcrowded, chaotic and dangerous" with the nurses union calling for urgent action to address the situation

The Mercy has had to implement their escalation policy due to the numbers presenting in an effort to try and ease overcrowding by opening additional beds and encouraging people with less urgent care needs to seek treatment at other care services

However the INMO says ultimately the ED is a workplace for their members and they have a duty to keep them safe as 71 people are being treated on trollies at Cork University and the Mercy University Hospitals this morning

Speaking to RedFM News Liam Conway of the INMO says the issue of patients with Covid in the ED at the Mercy has been raised and needs to be resolved:

"Ideally, you know, you need a proper isolation facility. You need patients who have COVID in an isolated facility with proper ventilation as well. And I suppose in an overcrowded environment, the risk is a lot higher, and obviously the health of our members workingo the department as well as a priority. So we've discussed this with the hospital yesterday, we're due to meet with them next Thursday as well. I think look, it is a priority for our members to protect the patients they care for and themselves."

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