HSE applaud over 10,000 Cork C...


HSE applaud over 10,000 Cork Children aged 5-11 years for coming forward for their Covid-19 Vaccine

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12:34 25 Jan 2022

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There has been a positive uptake in registration numbers for children aged 5-11 years of age for the Covid -19 vaccination in Cork so far and the HSE is encouraging parents to keep coming forward to have their children vaccinated.

Ted, Mum Aisling and Olivia Pierse from Carrignavar, Vaccination Centre , North Main Street

The HSE has provided dedicated information for parents on which outlines the benefits and risks of the vaccine.

Parents can register their child for a Covid-19 vaccination online and they will receive a text message with details of their child’s appointment.

Berni O’Sullivan, Lead Coordinator for North Main Street Vaccination Centre says:

‘We have looked at ways to make the centre more child friendly and improve a child’s overall experience. Some of our staff have dressed up in character costumes such as an elephant and a rabbit, with a focus to alleviate any stresses a child may have coming into the centre for their vaccination. We accommodate all children but specifically try to cater to those with sensory issues by bringing them to the centre at earlier times’

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