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Uisce Éireann to prioritise works to address discolouration in parts of Cork city

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

01:54 23 Nov 2023

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Uisce Eireann say the water leaving the treatment plant is rigorously tested to ensure it complies with the drinking water standards, and that the water is safe to drink once running clear. The treatment process used by Uisce Éireann is fully in line with water treatment standards around the country and across the world.

There has been no recent change to the process for treating the water at the Lee Road Water Treatment Plant. The recent spike in discolouration issues is most likely linked to the commissioning of a new pumping setup for filling the reservoirs. Increased flows resulted in some sediment becoming dislodged from the pipes supplying the reservoirs, which have led to the discolouration issues in the network. To address this, adjustments have been made to the pumping rates to prevent the dislodging of any further sediment from the pipes supplying the reservoirs.

Adjustments have been made to the pumping rates and engineers are also carrying out network flushing

It's hoped these works will lead to a decrease in discolouration incidents

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