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The top 4 things you need to know now

Maire Nolan
Maire Nolan

07:16 9 May 2024

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A Cork based migrant support group says the lack of affordable rental accommodation in Cork is a real barrier to people leaving Direct Provision accommodation

The average rent across Cork City and county stands at over €1,000 leaving many locked out of the rental market


A man has been arrested by Gardaí who were called to the scene of an incident which took place on Patrick Street at around 8pm on Wednesday evening,

Very little detail is available about the incident which is understood to have occurred near the Savoy complex.


An operation is getting underway to remove migrants in tents from Dublin's Grand Canal.

Over 100 tents have been pitched close to the International Protection Office since the weekend.


There's been an arrest outside Drake's mansion in Toronto - just a day after the rapper's security guard was shot.

Canadian police claim someone tried to access the property, but has now been detained under the mental health act.

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