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The top four things you need to know - Tuesday October 19th

RedFM News
RedFM News

06:02 19 Oct 2021

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Cabinet Ministers will meet this morning to decide whether an easing of Covid restrictions will go ahead on Friday.

NPHET briefed the Government yesterday as the number of new Covid cases and hospitalisations continues to increase.


From today, Cork University Maternity Hospital is changing its visitor rules.

Partners can now attend early pregnancy scans, the 12 week scan, the anatomy scan and when the patient is in labour.


Job vacancies in tourism have risen by 80% in three months, as the sector continues to recover from lockdown.

That's according to in its latest jobs index, which saw more than half of sectors offer more jobs this year than pre-pandemic.


Recent insurance renewal costs have jumped 15% on average, according to a new survey.

The Alliance for Insurance Reform says premiums continue to spiral while costs to providers fall, and is calling for government intervention.

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