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The lack of available properties available for long term rent in Cork is forcing a crisis in the rental market

RedFM News
RedFM News

02:15 22 Mar 2022

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Short term rental properties far outnumber the amount of long term rentals in Cork and the lack of available properties is forcing a crisis in the rental market .

That's according to housing charity Threshold who say a recent survey showed that last Wednesday there were just 73 properties available for long term rent across Cork, with just 36 of those costing €1,500 or less per month.

Threshold is urging the local authorities to enforce the Rent Pressure Zone regulations for change of property use to ensure that there is an increased number of long term rentals made available across the county

Speaking to RedFM News, Threshold's Service Manager in Cork, Edel Conlon says they are very concerned about the rise in landlords choosing to let their properties on a short term basis

"However, this has resulted in a huge shortage of long term lets available. There is a lot more money to be made in short term lets, however  there are regulations in place, where if a landlord is seeking short term letting  they have to apply to the local authority, we feel here at Threshold that there are a number of properties being let on a short term basis where there hasn't been proper planning permissions sought to do so"

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