Taoiseach says those involved...


Taoiseach says those involved in Dublin riots will be punished

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

10:27 24 Nov 2023

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The Taoiseach says the Government will use the full resources of the law and machinery of the state to punish those involved in the violence in Dublin last night.

Leo Varadkar met the Garda Commissioner this morning in the wake of the riots.

He says new laws will be introduced in the coming weeks to enable gardai make better use of CCTV gathered yesterday.

Laws will also be modernised against incitement to hatred.

The riots followed a stabbing incident in Parnell Square

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar gave this update on the conditions of the victims:

"2 in a critical condition still, both the 5 year old girl who was stabbed in the chest and also the care assistant to who used her body as a shield to protect other children from being injured so that they're both in critical condition. And the person who carried out this attack was attempt was intent on murder. That is clear. "

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